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These 'Stranger Things 2' Actors Have Secretly Been Dating for Months

Stranger Things 3 - Real-Life Relationships: Millie Bobby Brown & Finn Wolfhard Dating?

Nancy and Jonathan got even closer in Stranger Things 2. Everybody, that is, except for Nancy. The pair seemed cozy at the end of Season 1, but fate — and a lot of alcohol — tore them apart in the sophomore season. And Jonathan and Nancy once again paired off to try to find justice for Barb. After he called them on their obvious attraction to one another, Nancy and Jonathan finally bit the bullet and hooked up. On screen, the pair finally gave into their chemistry, but we have yet to see any offscreen PDA.

Finn has made it very clear on multiple occasions that he is single. Back in he tweeted, "I do not have a girlfriend! I'm only a baby boy!

Every Stranger Things Season 3 Cast Member On Instagram In the '90s, Ryder dated Johnny Depp and singer Dave Pirner, and was even. Here's a look at all of your fave Stranger Things stars and what's going Gaten has been dating his girlfriend Lizzy Yu for over a year now and. Stranger Things happens to be one of the shows that has a cast who love each other more than fans do. Working closely together for almost.

He later corrected himself, joking that he is actually dating Pennywise the clown from the movie Itwhich Finn starred in. Jk this is my GF pic. Gaten has been dating his girlfriend Lizzy Yu for over a year now and the two looked absolutely adorable when they headed to junior prom together in May. I like this first pic better.

Junior prom with my best friends and the most beautiful girlfriend ever lizz. Gaten told Us Weekly last year that his family loves his girlfriend.

He also revealed that their go-to date involves playing pool at his house, which is so adorable. Lizzy apparently won over Gaten's Stranger Things family as well. Earlier this year Millie welcomed Lizzy to the family on her Instagram story, letting Gaten know that she approves of his girlfriend.

While Lucas is in one of the cutest relationships on the show, the actor who plays him, Caleb, is most likely single.

He has never shown any evidence of being in a relationship, though, of course he could just be keeping things very quiet. While it was never confirmed, there were rumors back in that Noah was dating Millie, though the two were most likely just very good friends. Around that same time, the actor told Raw that he is single, though he did reveal that he would maybe date a fan.

Here Are All the "Stranger Things" Stars' Relationship Statuses IRL

Ketchup and Mustard: A Series. They've been in a relationship for around two years after meeting on the set of Stranger Thingsand have managed to keep things very private.

In JuneDyer told Refinery29 of acting alongside her boyfriend: "It's an interesting thing to work with someone who you go home with. It's always really fun. Millie Bobby Brown The year-old actress, who plays Eleven on the show, famously dated popular Vine star Jacob Sartorious for a year, starting in Following their alleged split, Brown deleted most traces of Sartorious from her Instagram account.

Stranger Things actors Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer are dating IRL Here's the lowdown on the Stranger Things stars' relationship thus far. These co-stars from Stranger Things; Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) and Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers) have a strange relationship on screen when it comes. Here's who all the "Stranger Things" stars are dating in real life. From Millie Bobby Brown to Gaten Matarazzo.

Images: Instagram milliebobbybrown. Gaten Matarazzo year-old Matarazzo is dating Lizzy Yu, and the couple have been together for just over a year.

Amazing Real Life Couples of Stranger Things 2018

In an Instagram post on March 5,Matarazzo wrote: "I can't believe that I've been with this gorgeous girl for an entire year. It feels like our first date was yesterday but it also feels like it's been ten years.

I can't wait to spend more with you. Once award season kicked into high gear, though, the pair seemingly let their guard down. Their reaction to the buzz was curious, to say the least. Next: Dyer and Heaton have avoided answering questions about their bond.

Neither came out and admitted they were, in fact, dating each other. Dyer and Heaton spent a lot of time together on set this season. And for Heaton and Dyer, that meant a renewed scrutiny and the chance for rumors to fly about their relationship.

Are ‘Stranger Things’ Stars Joe Keery and Maya Hawke Dating In Real-Life?

It included photos of the pair walking hand-in-hand in New York City, the most obvious confirmation yet that they are an item. Fans noticed that Heaton was conspicuously absent from the ST2 premiere.

We're convinced Stranger Things co-stars Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton are dating!. Stranger Things stars Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaten (Who play Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers in the show) are apparently dating. Read more on heat. They play fan-favorite characters in 'Stranger Things 2'. And from the looks of things, they've fallen for each other in real life.

La vie en gris. On Oct.

Stranger things cast members dating

Two days later, Heaton released a statement about the incident:. My planned travel to the U. I do want to clarify that I was not arrested or charged with a crime and cooperated fully with the U.

We are all so proud of this season and I would never want this story to negatively impact the show.

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