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You could use this with friends, too! Call me if you want to talk, though! I should invite them back soon. As someone who has lived through several toxic relationships and has an abusive father, I think one of the most important manipulation tools a toxic person has is excessive subtext and hidden meanings in their conversation. Make them stop hiding.

X feels romantic attraction for Y and Y feels queerplatonic attraction for Y.

Aromantic/Platonic/queerplatonic dating checklist. Eeek! I want to fill this Things and whether or not they are allowable for people I'm dating. Kissing ( forehead. It's basically a checklist for what you'd be okay with doing with a partner as an aromantic. I had a relationship with a female friend who was sexual. I’m in a queerplatonic relationship, so I’m going to answer this both with what I’m okay with, and what is involved in our. Every time a post on queerplatonic relationships makes its way around tumblr, the comments are inevitably . Aromantic/Platonic/queerplatonic dating checklist.

The key idea behind variships is that the partners are cool with having a relationship somewhat unconventional, out of the amatonormative romantico-sexual traditionnal relationship that society expects. A variship can include any relationship elements or not : romantic stuff, sexual intimacy, queerplatonic-like stuff, etc.

For instance, an asexual person with an allosexual person are in a variship, but they may or may not have sex. Also, people that are in a variship may or may not be in a wavership too, these are not incompatible. It might be because one or both partners have a fluid orientation, or because one partner has a fluctuating romance-repulsion or sex-repulsion, etc.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

For more info : wavership. Posts Ask away! Submit a post Archive. Seeing it made as a visual like this really drives the point home. Variship : new relationship term! You shall be emotionally intimate only with same sex friends, unless you are a man, and then Thou Shalt Not Have Emotions. But often, these nuances are colored over in an effort to fit societal molds of what a relationship should be.

Two people may not experience romantic attraction for each other but may, because of sexual attraction, mistake their attraction for romantic, because sexual attraction is portrayed as an integral part of romantic relationships. What if you could have a serious, committed relationship without defining it as romantic or otherwise?

Romantic love is portrayed as the ultimate and all-fulfilling type of love that we should spend our lives searching for. A queerplatonic relationship is characterized by a strong and significant bond or emotional commitment that is not romantic in nature. People of any gender, sexual orientation, or romantic orientation and lackthereof can be in a queerplatonic relationship. Also, there are a ton of other terms that refer to relationships that are neither friendships nor romantic relationships.

The important part is the self-defined aspect of the relationship. This broad and encompassing term questions the traditional model of a relationship and breaks down societal expectations of what a committed relationship should look like.

Queer Platonic Relationships and Queer Dating

Depending on the specific relationship, people involved in the queerplatonic relationship may consider themselves partners, a couple, a triad, or any other term that implies commitment and intimacy.

Queerplatonic partners can choose to live together, celebrate their anniversary, kiss and cuddle, and do anything they want to do.

They can also choose to do none of the above. Aromantic Aardvark.

Queerplatonic relationship ("QPR") or queerplatonic partnership ("QPP"), sometimes also referred to as quasiplatonic relationships or partnerships, are umbrella. A queer platonic relationship is both intense and intimate, but it is not sexual. It is like [Read: 17 clear signs you should be dating your best friend]. #7 If you. Aromantic/Platonic/queerplatonic dating checklist aromanticaardvark: “And here's a rebloggable version. This can be used by anyone I.

Darling, Gala. The Thinking Asexual. Smith, S. Imagine platonic relationships are vanilla ice cream. Romantic relationships are chocolate, and sexual relationships are strawberry. Queer-platonic relationships are vanilla, but maybe you have chocolate chips romance-oriented things like commitment, kissing, cuddling, holding-hands or maybe even some strawberry pieces sexual activities, sensual touching etc depending on what you like.

Some people only have chocolate pieces, some people only have strawberry pieces, some have both, and some have none! Some have a few chocolate pieces, and some only have a few strawberry pieces. Queerplatonic relationships are wonderful and you deserve to have the vocabulary to describe your relationships how you want to.

Asexuality caused by trauma, dysphoria, mental illness, age, etc. Being ace but feeling romantic attraction, or being aro but feeling sexual attraction, is wonderful too! This makes even less sense to me than linear algebra. If you need sex and romantic relationships and you need them to always come in one package, fine. This is completely and totally irrational. FYI, logic and rationality are two different things.

They have an enthusiasm for each other. They can be themselves together. All the ingredients for a secure, healthy, positive, happy life partnership are right there in their friendship. Even though romantic-sexual relationships are the most volatile kind of human connection. Even though building nuclear families on a foundation of romantic-sexual monogamous relationships has created a society full of broken homes and kids that have little, if any, stability. Even though most romantic-sexual people who claim to believe in sexual monogamy—because our culture says monogamy is good and nonmonogamy is bad—royally suck at it in practice.

Even though cohabiting with a string of lovers takes highly uncomfortable emotional and practical tolls when the couple breaks up and someone has to suddenly move out. Even though the frequency of conflict in a romantic-sexual relationship is usually exponentially higher than it is in a best friendship. And this is not about having sex or not having sex.

And my God, would that make so much more sense on every single level! How many sexual people in the United States alone are wasting their lives on a never ending roller coaster of serial romantic-sexual relationships, looking for the perfect one, getting married and getting divorced, moving in and moving out, scattering children all over the place, living in shit-tastic marriages or cohabiting romantic-sexual relationships, cheating on their lovers, fighting every other night, on and on and on?

For what? For a home? For love? For joyful companionship?

For happy family? This is pure rationality, to me. Instead of asking one romantic-sexual partner to be your Everything, let them just be your romantic-sexual partner, and make someone else your living partner, your financial partner, your live-in co-parent, your best friend. Aegoromantic: A person who enjoys the idea of romantic relationships but does not wish to have one. Aegosexual: A person who enjoys the idea of sexual relationships but does not wish to have one. It is the spectrum encompassing all aromantic orientations aromantic, grayromantic, demiromantic, etc.

It is the spectrum encompassing all asexual orientations asexual, graysexual, demisexual, etc. Romance-Positive: A positive attitude toward romance. Does not determine romantic orientation. Sex-Positive: A positive attitude toward sex. Does not determine sexual orientation. Queerplatonic relationships are so important. Cuddles on the sofa while watching a favorite show.

Intense discussions about the plot twist in a book. Holding hands under the table while drinking tea and admiring the veiw from the window. Not feeling obligated to be happy all the time. Feeling free to cry and talk about the difficulties of life. Oogling over adorable animal pictures together. Quiet evenings spent simply existing in the same space, doing separate activities.

The emotional investment in queerplatonic relationships is so incredibly beautiful.

Aromantic/Platonic/queerplatonic dating checklist (found on Tumblr, referred by a friend, thought it might be helpful to share). Aromantic/Platonic/queerplatonic dating checklist but is made specifically for people with a queerplatonic/platonic/non-romantic partner. Aromantic/Platonic/queerplatonic dating checklist And here's a rebloggable version. This can be used by anyone I suppose, but is made.

Just, a relationship without obligatory physical contact built entirely on mutual trust and support. I need input of personal stories from real aromantic and aro-spectrum people to include so that the maximum people contribute to defining things without me monopolizing it.

Are you with an educational facility? But it will be posted on qpadvice eventually to be used as an open public resource for others to read and share.

Coming out stories, stories of realization that you were aro, stories of relationships, stories of how you deal with media onslaught of romantically heavy movies and shows, etc. Pretty much anything that you feel is defining for you and that you want to share.


You can send me an ask, or a fan mail. If you say anonymous, it can be. The amount is up to you. You can hide your name but reveal your location, age, ethnicity, etc. Or you can include everything. Literally you are in full control of what you want shown and what you think should be displayed. If you are on the spectrum, feel free! Gray aro, aro flux, akoiromantic, etc… If you are romantic, please help out by reblogging. You can also email me at chekhovs. If you cannot, please understand that I might trim it down a little to make it more digestible.

Gender is strange and can fluctuate and be fluid. Attraction can too. Neither of them are aro! I love them both anyways! They love me! One of my qpps is a pan ace and one is an allo lesbian. Maybe someone who gives you unexpected kisses on the cheek, who holds your hand nice and steady. Someone who makes you feel good and comfortable. I hope you all find someone or a few someones like that to spend a long time with.

Queerplatonic dating

This post has been cross-posted to The Asexual Agenda. Keep reading. Give me a couple who will cuddle and give forehead kisses and fret about one another and go on platonic dates. Give me a couple who are comfortable with saying that they are more than friends but would never fuck each other either. Does this normally happen? Queerplatonic is when you have an extremely close friendship relationship with someone, with the strength of a romantic relationship, but none of the actual romantic feelings.

Reblog if you agree with this. Log in Sign up. This is not an exceptional occurrence. People commonly plan major life events around their friends up to and including housing, finances, employment, ect. It is common for people to have a committed lifelong partnership with their friend and no one bats an eye.

Having a life friend is considered something that can be regarded as equally close to marriage. It is also taken just as seriously. A good? TV example of what a queerplatonic relationship is like. In particular, I use the relationship between Danny, Jesse, and Joey as an example.

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