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Discussion in ' The Lounge ' started by southclubstan , Jul 6, I saw a video on this and just though about it. I have grew up in a family which gives alot of importance to education so I think I would like someone educated. Even though I am going to work in my Parent's company in the future but I am still studying medicine which is irrelevant to business mostly because of my parents. I was done with studying in middle school But at the same time I feel like a hypocrite since my bf is getting his Phd and I am only in the first year of college. No I want him to understand me when I rant about work.

Less education but still intelligent: yes Same or less education and still unintelligent: No Education doesn't equal brains but if you don't got the brain then i'm kind of like.

As long as they have common sense and aren't someone who believes in things that are clearly proven wrong then i'm fine. CutiexoxoKPOPxoxo and southclubstan like this.

Dating Someone Who Isn’t Formally Educated

Baltax Super Rookie. I'd preferably want someone who is more educated and that I can learn from. But let's be real, I would date any man with a pulse at this point, it's either that or being single forever.

No, it won't work at all in the long run. At first it may be interesting but later it'd only get suffocating.

Mumsnet has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. . a true snob wouldn't date someone from a significantly different background in the first. While there are million college-educated women ages 22 to 29 in the After all, we're living in the 21st century, not in the highly stratified social about money differ can exacerbate the tension of dating someone of a. there is not point in dating a woman who is more educated than me, as she will want to date someone who makes more money and has a.

And I'll go nuts. Hmm, I think no at least a no, if he is much more less educated than me!

I didn't think that I'd be open to dating someone with less education, but The college-educated men I've dated did not have marriage on the.

I once dated a guy, who was a lot less educated than me. It was a disaster, as he didn't understand me and my points, when we had discussions but okay, mostly he didn't want to have discussions, so yeah.

They could be less educated, but they would still have things that they're more educated about than me.

Dating someone who is not educated

I wouldn't look down on someone tho Cutie and southclubstan like this. I come from a family where education is very important and it is for me as well, so if he's less educated than me it's going to be a turn off.

With that being said, everyone has their own reasons, if he can prove me that he's still smart and cultured then I guess it's alright. He needs to be serious about his future tho.

Yes, but only if that person has ambition and potential for something greater than what an education can give him. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

I would never look down on someone for their education or where they I would say I dont wanna date someone who is not as smart as me. Straight to the point answer? No. Absolutely not! Education is a big deal in my family. All my family members are really educated, well read and. When it comes to wanting to be with someone who's highly educated, then you should go after people that are in fact, highly educated, and not.

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