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Discussion in ' Outerwear ' started by Shinobichi , Aug 22, Want to buy or sell something? Check the classifieds New Posts Classifieds. The Fedora Lounge. Aug 22, 1.

Popular Searches. Search Suggestions. Our History. Discover the story of Burberry. Thomas Burberry invents gabardine the breathable, weatherproof and hardwearing fabric revolutionising rainwear which up until then had typically been heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Gabardine was then patented in Circa The Burberry trench coat is invented during the First World War.

Dating burberry labels

The functional design includes epaulettes used to suspend military equipment such as gloves and whistles, D-rings used to carry grenades, the gun flap to provide additional protection when in action and the storm shield to allow water to run off it smoothly.

The Burberry check, now registered as a trademark, is introduced as a lining to our rainwear.

Burberry formally acquires the factory in Castleford, the home of the Burberry trench coat, building on our manufacturing presence in the UK a legacy that continues today. The Burberry Foundation is established as an independent charity for general charitable purposes and grant-making. Aug 22, 2.

Aug 25, 3. Sorry people Aug 25, 4. Aug 25, 5.

The Burberry trench is a timeless icon. Learn how to spot the label's telltale signs of authenticity, and the truth about common Burberry myths in. Burberry Group PLC is a British luxury fashion house headquartered in London, England. . In , the label launched its "Mr Burberry" fragrance. In Discover Burberry's brand history, including the invention of gabardine and the evolution of our signature trench coat design.

Messages: 2, I don't have the answer regarding dating and would be interested in learning about it myself. Just mentioning, it looks like to you got yourself one of the really good ones. Burberry quality went down the drain when the company started outsourcing their production, which I believe began in the late s not sure about the date.

Hi all wonder what your thoughts are on dating this Burberry Trench. #1 Has it changed much Some more pics, note Fabric Care tag: [?IMG]. wrote: That label made me nervous the second I saw it. I've owned several Burberry trenches over the decades (and currently an alpaca coat) so I feel. Burberrys was founded in by Thomas Burberry. His early business was mainly as a seller of outdoor clothing. In , Burberry opened.

It's actually still a very good fabric that holds up well during long walks in the rain, but it's clearly inferior to the fabric of this DB trenchcoat of yours. Another tan single-breasted model I own is quarterlined and made of extremely thin cotton.

It's a great raincoat for wear in the summer, but it doesn't provide the rain protection you get from this model here. My entirely uneducated guess is that the better Burberrys like this one which still turn up on ebay with some frequency mostly date from the 80s, some perhaps as early as the 70s. Last edited: Aug 25, Aug 25, 6.

Messages: 3, The extra rows of stitching on the belt are sort of a help I have a Burberry catalogue from the early 90s and at that date the belts didn't have the extra rows of stitching, nor since, so this coat is earlier than the early 90s.

Aug 25, 7.

A few tips for dating vintage Burberry Trenchcoats with Labels. Legendary Burberry creative director Christopher Bailey is [set to leave](https.

Thanks Rabbit To my understanding, the term 'sharkskin' as used on clothing is a 'kind of sheen' [ I hope I 'm using this term correctlycorrect me if I'm wrong] that is popular in a lot of jackets used in the 's and in the 80's. It's not very clear, the colours, and it's based on my educated guess. The sheen is definitely there. So when you are wearing it and moving about you can faintly see it.

Blondey McCoy: Life of a 20-Year-Old Fashion Icon, Artist and Skateboarder - HYPEBEAST Diaries

There is something else too that pictures cannot bring out Does your trench have this sheen Rabbit? Aug 25, 8. Aug 25, 9. Messages: 6, It looks like a more recent model but I'm not an expert.

By that I mean the past 30 years. I think there's a thread here on the logo and changes over the past decades. My husband had surgery on monday so I have been taking care of him. I have had a couple that that has been missing.

They could be removed because being in the pocket could itch hands. Where exactly is the care content tag? Can you take a photo of that area farther out, but not to far? It should be in the lining. I have never seen one not in the lininng. The lack of pass through pockets is also strange. A regular jacket without them would be fine but I agree with unkown, I have never seen a trench without them. I actually have photos still of a trench I sold not long ago.

Let me post them so you can compare. Ok, here are what the labels in my trench look like. Sorry unknown if they are huge photos! You can ssee that it is sewn into the lining. I have never seen a trench that had it sewn anywhere else. Size label in pass through pocket: I also want to say that the older coats usually have some type of size label that looks like this and the size in a type font. I have seen womens tags just a small white tag with the womens size in black.

I think I have another trench upstiars. Let me go and get it and I will snap a few photos and post them as well. Hiya, aimee. Yea, just a minor nose thing. He had his nose broken so many times when he was a kid and this will improve his breathing.

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He is finally doing better today so I am getting a few things done! I went upstairs and got my other one. It is a womens Balmacaan though, not a trench. You can see no pass through pockets but I will post the labels. And just for reference, this is what the womens size label looks like in this coat.

So it is easy to see why it would be missing. Her actually. I did compare the tags with the one that you posted and what I am wondering is could they have changed and if so when?

As mine has the care instructions n the bottom and yours does not. Skip to main content. Go to My eBay page.

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