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Going for a date? Choose from the best places in Bangalore

10 Dinner Date Places in B'lore

I know I have a shy GF who says NO to car Oh wait!! Borrowing the house keys of a friend is ruled out So here i am reaching out to Yelpers Found one in SFO city but too far to go on a weekday evening.

Source: Flickr 3. The Tao Terrace Spice up your love life with the charming venue. The Tao terrace is a luxury pan-Asian dining place to visit with your loved one. The astounding ambience, the cosy setting makes the perfect dinner place especially if you like Asian cuisine. You will have an unforgettable experience and feel spoiled by the appetising food choices on the menu. Source: Facebook 4. Lumbini Gardens If you want your date to be action packed with fun activities, this is the place to be.

A massive artificial beach, beautiful boating park and a plethora of water rides are sure to bring a spark in your date. Ditch the hot summer day and head over to the Lumbini Gardens to enjoy with your special someone now!

Source: Holidify 5. Thottikallu Falls A picturesque waterfall away from the city bustles and yet nearby Bangalore is an excellent option for a weekend getaway.

Aanchal Mittal: The best place for a romantic date in Bangalore! gives u the privacy plus gourmet food and wine adds up to a perfect dinner. Explore the exciting Bangalore nightlife with amazing things to do in and you have so many great places to go out that you can have great fun. Suggested Read: 15 Best Places To Visit Near Bangalore In . at one of the best dating places in Bangalore will be nothing less than heavenly.

Right after the monsoons, the place gets a fresh makeover with exotic plants booming and water flowing down the rocks with massive impact giving a milky white texture. The view is magnificent. Timing : It takes hardly 1 hour from the Bangalore city.

Things to do: Hop in with your partner to enjoy a romantic bath under the waterfall. Source: Wikipedia 6. Sakleshpur Camp Do you want to spend your date under a starlit sky with the melodious sound of the river in the background?

Give the right touch of Bollywood fantasy to your time with your partner at the Sakleshpur Camp. It is one of the off-beaten places for having a romantic vacation. You can go for camping at the banks of the river or try exhilarating sports like zip lining.

Explore the raw beauty of nature around you with a trek to the depth of the wilderness. It is an amazing place for the couples who are looking to get away from city chaos.

Timing: It takes about 4 hours to reach from the city to the campsite. Things to do: Boatingswimming, and camping are dearly enjoyed by the couples. Source: Wikitravel 7. Olive Beach Bar and Kitchen The soft music, the nice lighting, a serene environment and elite decor is what makes Olive beach stand out.

Famous for its authentic European and Mediterranean cuisine complimenting the European setup, the olive beach is a hit among the couples of the city. A Sunday brunch at this exquisite restaurant will give the perfect start to your romantic day together. Things to do: The eight-hour lamb is a must try. Raviollis, Risottos and the pepperoni pizza is delectable.

Source: Flickr 8. Beat the cliched places for couples and head over to the Jakkur Airfield to indulge in a thrilling experience as the hot air balloon soars high. The view from the top is simply stunning, with a panoramic view of the Bangalore landscape. This stimulating adventure is just perfect to woo your partner.

Timing: Most of the events start from AM Things to do: Embrace the landscape and the beautiful view. Once done, you can also go for Parasailing done at the same airfield. Source:North Bangalore Post 9. Grasshopper Grasshopper offers a breathtakingly romantic and mesmerising setting for you and your significant other to enjoy the dinner date.

A sensuous blend of mouth-watering cuisine and the poised environment is the recipe for a lovey-dovey night! The restaurant is nestled on a farm that gives a unique experience to the visitors.

This beautiful dining place with a fabulous ambience will provide you with extra brownie points in the relationship. Source: Pinterest Cubbon Park There is a good reason, Bangalore boasts of the tag?

The Garden City?. Cubbon Park is one of the contributors of this title having tall green trees, blooming exotic flowers, and aesthetically designed statues. It's a fantastic place for couples to spend some time together, surrounded by lush greenery and refreshing aroma of nature at its best. Things to do: A romantic walk in the serene environment is energising.

The place is all popular among the photographers owing to its charming natural beauty. Source: Wikipedia Bannerghatta National Park The Bannerghatta National park offers unique packages to make your romantic getaway worthwhile. The large zoo, aquarium, butterfly centre, snake house, safari park and trekking trails are the many options that you can try with your partner.

Dip into the wild magic of the natural park by taking your beloved on an enchanting Safari ride. It's closed on Tuesday. Things to do: A treat for photographers, the magical safari ride will let you see leopards, jackals, porcupine, tiger, elephants, and cobras.

Lalbagh The home to an assortment of eye-catching flora and fauna, The Lalbagh Botanical Garden houses a glass house, a lake, and an aquarium to add on to its beauty. It has a grand collection of tropical plants which lures in visitors from all around the country. Various events, shows, and Melas are held where the Garden flaunts of its beauty. It's a delight to visit the place at dusk and dawn. The surrounding has a romantic touch to it perfect for the couples.

Mango Mela during June offers a diverse variety of Mangoes to pick from. Ulsoor Lake Ulsoor Lake is one of the most significant lakes in Bangalore. Several islands present around magnifies the beauty of this lake.

Hop on the boat with your loved one to spend a calm and peaceful evening together.

Romantic Places in Bangalore To Go With Your Loved One

The place has a natural charm which it attains from the extravagant greenery in the surrounding. There are many coffee shops and eating options available nearby to relish after your ride. The rooftop seating, fancy bar, and a romantic panorama is the right ingredient to make your visit an intimate happening.

Take your partner for a candle-lit dinner or a fulfilling brunch to win their heart. Loveshack A funky, hip Retro-bar with live music and excellent DJ is what you need to make your evening exciting.

Loveshack is just that and so much more. The fairy lights, open terrace, and beautiful decor gives the place a cosy and adorable outlook. Take your partner on a Karaoke night to the Loveshack and sing a romantic song to sweep her off the floor! A night with your loved one, a delicious range of food options and exotic cocktails are what you need to make your day. Source: Facebook Vineyard Tour For couples who also happen to be oenophilic having eternal love for winewhat could be better than taking a Vineyard Tour and enjoy some grape stomping and tasting sessions.

It is not necessary for you to be a wine expert or connoisseur to visit a Vineyard. The charming views of the vineyard and walking around the field are stress busters and you can just enjoy watching the chateaux. Couples can flock to some of the most romantic vineyards and enjoy not only tasting, but also catch the sunset views and explore the process of making wine.

Soma Vineyard sprawls over acres and couples can discover the intricate process of wine-making, right from picking the grapes to harvesting to extracting the juice. You will get to know of the fermentation process as well and will be ushered to three distinct locations for tasting wine. Grover Vineyard is one of the oldest vineyards, located in the outskirts of the city.

Wine enthusiasts can learn more about wine-making since they provide complete education and courses for the same. You can also take your partner on a romantic drive of 80 kilometres from Bangalore to Heritage Winery where you can learn about the fermentation and blending of wines. If you want to go for wine-tasting, but also have a fun trip, take a trip to the Nandi Valley Winery. Here, they provide you with the opportunity of wine stomping and a wine buffet thereafter. You get to squish the grapes placed on a huge barrel with your partner, the grapes which are later fermented.

This adds a fun element to your wine-tasting session. A weekend cannot get better with so many options of wine-tasting.

As an addition to wine tasting, one can enjoy wine and cheese pairing sessions. If you won't do a hotel, you're ruling out a friend's house, you won't do a park there are some VERY secluded parks close to the bay areait sounds like somebody's making excuses. So there's no point listing all the popular places to do it if you've already discounted the most obvious and most private ones.

It sounds like she's very inhibited or self conscious, and perhaps having some sexuality problems. And you're either the same but less so, or you're agreeing with her opinion because you're afraid of standing up for yourself. If she's driving up from Southern Ca.

Searching romantic dating places in Bangaluru for couples? Find here the list of top 10 best dating places in Banglore for a perfect hangout. I know.i pretty much excluded all the likely places to makeout. in Relationships & Dating 74 Otis Street offers rooms for couples and moresomes if that is your bag. most rooms offer some sort of privacy option . I know of a place, go to a large parking building structure which isnt so busy and go all the way to the top. Dating: 13th Floor, MG Road (A lovely and beautiful place if u book roof top and sit in What are the best places in Bangalore for Couples?.

Believe me, when two people are hot for each other they'll do it almost anywhere. Hotels are extra-romantic and private, they're famous for having sex. That breaks the ice. Maybe get some advice on intimacy issues? But if you're young and a new couple some initial shyness is pretty normal. As long as it doesn't stay like that forever. Or you can take the money you're willing to spend and rent out a really cheap room and take your girlfriend there to get busy.

Hook your brother's family up with an outing of some sort movies, amusement park tickets, etc so then you could have the house to yourselves. Sorry but that is a lame excuse for you two not to make out, and it seems like she's making a really big deal about it.

I don't know if you feel this way, but doesn't it make you feel that she's probably not just self concious but might be embarassed in public? Have her realize that if you two kiss or make out, people aren't gonna be acting like a 2nd grader and point their fingers and laugh and go "HeeHee HaHa".

With the make out places, is the same deal. Good luck. Freeway overpass, find one with a fence push her up against it and go to town.

Bangalore city offers a plethora of romantic places for the lovebirds. . does not love wine, he/she will definitely turn into an ardent wine lover after this tour. Choose from the best places in Bangalore - Want to go out on a date The cafe is located in the balcony of a massive old Bangalore house. 14 Fantastic Romantic Places To Hangout Out In Bangalore 14 Best Outdoor Hangout Places in Bangalore for Couples. 1. Ulsoor Lake.

Everyone will see but no one will have time to gawk. If you're willing to spend money, just buy two tickets to Asia, and go to a love hotel.

Those hotels rent by the hour, and they're made for privacy and love making. Some of them even have karaoke and video games inside! If you aren't worried about money why not rent your own place? Then you can do whatever you want and you might get more play.

Maybe the fact that you didn't pay her first is turning her off. We're all adults here. With the money you're willing to spend just to "make out", you could've hired an escort I'm just saying Hahaha, that's the hormones talking. It'll make you climb the highest mountain to get your lips wet. Pedestrian overpass that goes over the 17 near Los Gatos Shhhhhhhhhhhh it's a secret. Your folk's bedroom. When they are on vacation, of course. Grow a set, get 'er done.

You seriously needed to ask this? She should ditch the zero, and get plugged by a hero. This conversation is older than 2 months and has been closed to new posts. Log In.

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