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Morehouse, Spelman alums reflect on sometimes tense history

Vlog Vol 1 Ep 2: Brotherhood, Sisters, and Hall Chants

Not because it was the blue print for the show, A Different World even though I loved that show and I often imagined myself as high pitched voice Whitley Gilbert and not the strangely socially conscious Freddy because I thought she was annoying always yapping about helping the world and saving the damn humpback whales. But, life is ironic and as I get older I feel more and more like Freddie always yapping about violence and oppression. But this is not the point of this post. You get girlfriends from Clark Atlanta. But you get your wives from Spelman College.

Yes, girls who are attracted to men, but feel awkward around them for various reasons. I will be the first to admit I felt very uncomfortable around my Morehouse brother not only because he was weird, but because he was aggressive. So, to be paired the first week at Spelman with a man from Morehouse was not comfortable for me.

To say the least, these social practices help to define appropriate behavior for Spelman women. Of course, many people have been throwing the phrase the politics of respectability around as if it was a Frisbee and self-explanatory.

But I do not think the term is completely transparent and easily understood. Many school endowments including Spelman and Morehouse took drastic hits when the economy tumbled last year. Once again this is not to say that homophobia and classism is not deeply wedded to the tailoring of this policy because it is.

Spelman College grad Lori Robinson was stunned when she returned to from her alma mater accused four Morehouse men of sexually assaulting her. “Any opportunity there is to talk about sexual violence and dating. Yes, girls who prefer to date other girls. And yes this also applies to Spelman and Morehouse who are thought by many to have “everlasting. Yesterday, April 11th, was Spelman College’s Founder’s Day. And I, for one, am thankful that the founders saw fit to create this institution of higher learning that has honestly done almost as much for me as my own alma mater, Morehouse College. I did not go to Morehouse College.

I am just offering how the politics of funding by foundations and corporate America shape the announcement and enactment of this discriminatory policy. And of course there are small liberal arts schools like Smith, Amherst, Mount Holyoke, who get tons of funding from foundations, but who have really robust policies for and in support of LGBTQ students, so why is it different at HBCUs?

This political project has shifted in many different ways, but the politics of being respectable—moral heterosexuals—still shape the operating and funding of these institutions. With the exception of Morris Brown who was founded by the AME church, most HBCUs were founded by white missionaries who either received their funds from their respective church denominations or from business mavericks like John D.

Of course, my account should not be taken as a historical account by any stretch of the imagination.

Here to give us the inside scoop on dating at HBCUs is Kevin Cox. The only thing that separates Spelman from Morehouse is a parking lot. We met at church and began dating while Shaun was in his senior year Throughout our time at Morehouse and Spelman, we became good. The Spelman-Morehouse connection was close. We got a Morehouse brother in Freshman year. Spelman-Morehouse students often dated.

When you enact such a policy like the one Morehouse has enacted you create and legitimize a culture of violence against non conforming black men where violent stories like what happen to Greg Love becomes commonplace. The Black Youth Project is a platform that highlights the voices and ideas of Black millennials.

Through knowledge, voice, and action, we work to empower and uplift the lived experiences of young Black Americans today. You can get all of our newest stories and updates on BYP research in your inbox.

Staff The Black Youth Project is a platform that highlights the voices and ideas of Black millennials. Facebook Twitter. COX: I think it would be that though they probably do listen to it, they need to just be aware and understand that most of the songs today are just degrading, especially towards women.

And as strong, black men in the community, they need to be aware that they are the ones that the youth look up to.

Spelman and morehouse dating

And they need to be a voice for the community and be aware that they need - in order for there to be a change, it has to start with them. And Morehouse men especially are the ones to definitely take that role and start it. And if you don't feel comfortable, then just let me know. CHIDEYA: First of all, out of the men on campus, how many do you think are actively having sex at least once a month, just from how you talk?

Sex and the Single Guy at Historically Black Colleges

And two, how many of those do you think are having safe sex? COX: Yes, they are.

And we have a lot of events and seminars and guest speakers who come continuously through our school just talking about safe sex and always wrapping it up and protection. You have AIDS testing so, you know, they definitely keep you aware of the viruses and things that are out there….

COX: Yes. They have AIDS testing. And we're almost out of time, so you're almost out of the hot seat. But I went to a college where there were very few black men available. You are in the horn of plenty.

What do you enjoy about being there? COX: It is probably the environment, you know.

Like most Spelman students who are assaulted by a peer from Morehouse, Melanie was raped on the latter's campus, so her own college had. Though they were dating other people, Curtis and Daria remained connected University Center (AUC) to celebrate their 5-year Spelman/Morehouse Reunion. A Spelman woman is like no other. We love our Men of Morehouse, have the confidence of Beyonce and are proud to be a Spelmanite.

Being from Los Angeles, it's usually all spread throughout ethnicities. But you go to a historically black college and it's like It's a great atmosphere.

He's going to be a junior at Morehouse College in Atlanta. And he joined me here at NPR West. All rights reserved.

What Happens When Women At Historically Black Colleges Report Their Assaults

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Sex and the Single Guy at Historically Black Colleges Kevin Cox, a junior at Morehouse College in Atlanta, talks to Farai Chideya about sex, love and the ever-charged relationship between black men and black women on today's black college campuses.

Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. May 23, AM ET. COX: Okay.

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