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Fans Found Racist Tweets From the Most Popular Beauty YouTubers


Please, take a seat because this YouTube beauty vlogger feud is going to make your head spin. The latest scandal to hit the YouTube community involves vloggers Jeffree Star 9. In the past years, videos of Jeffree's apparent racism have surfaced. Jeffree's since apologized for his offensive statements and has said, "I do not know who that person was Although, some have claimed Jeffree's behavior hasn't changed. OK, remember all that because it's pretty darn important.

In the vid, Gabriel shares what was going down behind the scenes of that now infamous tweet.

Almost one year after their messy public feud brought on by Manny noticed that one of the stars is none other than former-enemy Gabi Z. We break down the drama between Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, Gabriel "I want to apologize to Gabi, because watching that video I can see the. Manny MUA issues apology following feud with Jeffree Star, Laura Lee, We've been keeping you up-to-date on Jeffree Star and his motley crew of "I want to apologize to Gabi, because watching that video I can see the.

He clarifies that no, they were not conspiring against Jeffree when they took the photo, but he was being shady towards him with the caption. Gabriel explains that after the tweet went viral, he called Jeffree to apologize and that's when the tea party really began.

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During the phone call, Jeffree laid out all the drama between he and Manny, and after hearing "the other side" of the story, Gabriel has officially taken Jeffree's side. A lot of things made a lot more sense, once I heard the other side of the story," he explained. Trust me, its been an eye opening 24 hours.

A lot of the negativity around [me] and around [my] friends has been due to this one person. In response to the video, Jeffree has taken to Twitter to show his support for Gabriel.

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Read the full story here. THEN Jeffree jumped in the mix and posted a photo of him laughing along with the caption, "Imagine trying to bully me but you actually end your own career instead.

Since this all unfolded, LauraMannyGabriel and Nikita have issued apologies and response videos. Laura also deleted the offensive tweets, but screenshots live on forever.

In Gabriel's video, he said he actually spoke to Jeffree and became enlightened in regards to "the other side. A lot of things made a lot more sense, once I heard the other side of the story.


I thought, 'my friends [would] tell me the truth. Gabriel also added that he's no longer friends with Manny and that Manny threw Laura under the bus when Laura and Jeffree were feuding a year ago. And looking back, I would change things if I could.

Jeffree, who ended up gaining followers from all of this, finished with a tweet about the power of the truth. Type keyword s to search.

Today's Top Stories. After almost a year of speculation about how the initial drama started, a video resurfaced that Jeffree filmed with YouTuber Shane Dawson in August where Jeffree got real about his ex-friends in the beauty community.

Why do I feel like they need to know?

jeffree-star-manny-mua-laura-lee-racism-scandal- . "I want to apologize to Gabi [Gabriel], because watching that video I can see the hurt in his.

Many of Jeffree's fans rushed to his defense and dug up past racist and fat-shaming tweets from Gabriel, Laura, and crew in retaliation. On August 21, Gabriel posted a nearly minute video titled, "My Truth" where he publicly apologized to his fans and to Jeffree for his behavior and his past racist comments.

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Initially, Gabriel said that the initial photo with Laura Lee and crew was simply intended to be a recreation of Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday photo with her sisters. However, he did include a pointed caption about Jeffree.

Gabriel said that after his initial tweet started to pick up a lot of traction, he decided to call Jeffree and apologize. From their conversation, Gabriel was able to get Jeffree's side of the story regarding the drama with him and Manny MUA. On August 23, Manny followed suit and posted a minute video named, "My reality check" where he addressed what he refers to as the "middle finger photo fiasco.

And looking back, I would change things if I could," Manny said in the video. I would have thought my friends abandoned me as well.

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