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Back Off, She's Mine, an ouran high school host club fanfic . FanFiction

Setting Up Haruhi and Tamaki (Ouran Cosplay)

Please don't flame me if it's utterly awful, because I don't know much about… you know… anime stuff. So… yeah. But constructive criticism, or stuff like, actually, they wouldn't say "chan," it'd be "kun," or something like that would be much appreciated. This was the first challenge of the 24 Hour Challenge between me and silverlastsforever. Basically we come up with a prompt or topic, and we have 24 hours to write it, or at least, until midnight. The prompt for this was: Kyoya-centric fic. Minimum words, coffee must be involved.

Hunny was already bouncing off the walls and it wasn't from the sugar; it was just how the eldest member of the host club normally acted. Haruhi was trying to keep up with Hunny as he bounced everywhere and said, "Sure, I will have some coconut juice. Looking towards her boyfriend, she started to move forward once again to join him, but was deterred one more time. This was getting exasperating. Looking at the auburn haired twins that decided to stop her progress towards her intended target, she let out a breath of frustration.

She had been hoping to spend time with her boyfriend, but at this rate they wouldn't get a chance at some alone time; and the more time when on, the more annoyed she was getting. Narrowing her eyes, she growled, "What?!

He seemed completely clueless as to the murderous look Haruhi was shooting his way. He noticed her thunderous expression, but dismissed it as nothing. He knew that Haruhi hated the fact that she had been taken against her will to have fun. She really needed to loosen up some more. He went into his stupid daddy mode and said I shouldn't show that much skin. I don't know why it was too much, it isn't like it was a bikini or anything," she grumbled a bit peeved.

I don't really like water parks and wasn't planning on going swimming much. Honestly, I would rather be at home than here. Why are we even here? A kiddie pool would do just as well to keep cool and relax," she declared very bluntly. This answer created a blank look on their faces and they deadpanned. It was clear that they had no idea what she was talking about. It is round and you fill it with air," she stated annoyed. She couldn't believe that she had to explain this to them or anyone for that matter, "Once you inflate it, you fill it with water and you can sit in it and keep cool.

The twins gave her the look that clearly stated she was an ignorant commoner.

It was odd for the host club to not know many facts. On the inside Kyoya was very angry and worried; He and Haruhi had been secretly dating;. Kyoya and Haruhi have a secret relationship! First chapter, i am . She began dating Kyoya, and then moved in with him. Every one still thinks. Haruhi has always been the twins' "toy", but what happens when they She and Kyoya had been secretly dating for a couple of months now.

It was always the same look they gave her when they found out something new about commoners. Feeling pity for her because there was no way she could know any better. Upon hearing the argument, Tamaki decided to come over and correct the twins.

He thought he was helping Haruhi, but in truth she was becoming more and more aggravated with the three of them. Wanting nothing more than to slap the look off of the twin's faces, Haruhi wanted to give each of them a piece of her mind. They thought she was ill-informed, but they were the clueless ones. The guys in the host club had been given everything and didn't understand much of the world beyond their own social class. He knew the difference between a kiddie pool and a life raft, and the ignorance of Tamaki and the twins knew no bounds.

Haruhi and kyoya secretly dating fanfiction

Deciding to inform Haruhi of what was happening, he stated, "This is the newest venture from my family, the Ootori group. It is a water park designed so people can come here, relax, and have fun.

Although it doesn't open for a few more weeks, the host club was given an invitation to spend the day here before the opening. Since the three idiots didn't divulge, he figured Hunny or Mori would have said something, but quickly realized the three instigators had not let her have any time with her boyfriend. It was no wonder she was still clueless.

Looking behind him, Mori could see Haruhi getting mad, and that was never a good sign. Before anything could escalate, he decided he better get to her before anyone said anything that sent her over the edge. He knew it would only take one more remark from an unwitting idiot. Walking towards her, Mori watched Hunny approach her first and asked if she would like to go swimming.

Taking a deep breath to calm down, Haruhi shifted her gaze towards Hunny. She could see that he was looking at her expectantly, but she didn't feel like swimming.

Even with his cute expression, she could not bring herself to say "yes" and declined his invitation as she noticed that he was wearing a floaty. She had been swimming with him at Mori's pool the weekend before.

You know how to swim," Haruhi probed. Hunny gave Haruhi a large smile and amped up the cuteness factor before he giggled, "Just looks cuter this way. Haruhi was floored. Chuckling when she thought about his answer, she couldn't believe how far he was willing to stretch the cute act.

She started to walk towards the table to retrieve her juice, but stopped when the three behind her started talking about how innocent Hunny really was, and she suddenly found herself in the middle of the conversation. They didn't get much further in their discussion before Renge appeared on her platform and said Hunny wasn't so innocent. He was working an angle that he knew people would find adorable and fall in love with it. Kyoya agreed with her wholeheartedly. When the others thought about it, they had to admit that Renge and Kyoya were right.

Hunny was smart and sneaky; and their little Loli-Shota host was more than he appeared. Haruhi should have known better since she had been hanging out with the two best friends for the past couple of months, but this new revelation made her look at Hunny in a different light.

Could he really be deeper than he seemed? Was it all really an act? The glimpse into Hunny's mind told her that it was a definite possibility.

It was at this time that the twins and Tamaki decided to have a water gun fight. Haruhi left them to drink her juice. She didn't want to swim at the water park let alone get in the middle of a shoot-out; and since she couldn't be at home and Mori was busy with Hunny, she may as well sit down and have a drink while she relaxed under an umbrella appreciating the view of the man she was falling for.

As she watched Mori swim with Hunny on his back, she was once again struck by how strong he truly was: the pair was swimming against the current and had not moved from their spot. He really was fast and tough, and that thought gave Haruhi the good kind of chills.

OHSHC {AMV} Kyoya x Haruhi - They don't know about us~ ?

Closing her eyes for a couple of minutes in order to relax more and savor the image that was now burned into her mind, she was surprised when she opened her eyes to find Mori standing next to her while dripping water.

She smiled up at him and he gave her a small smile. As she looked around quickly to see where everyone was, she spotted the twins and Tamaki still occupied with their water guns. Motioning for the tall senior to lean down, Haruhi gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before she asked if he wanted something to drink. Kyoya and Haruhi have been dating in secret since the beach house. Now after the Ouran Fair the two face a new problem as keeping their secret relationship hidden becomes a lot harder, but do they even want to keep it secret from everyone anymore?

What makes you think that Kyoya? Authors Notes, Wow took me forever to figure our simply how to do this sorry about that guys. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9.

Did anyone ever notice the secret looks that Haruhi and Mori gave each Kyoya were the only ones that knew Haruhi and Mori were dating. Kyouya is not a jealous person, but he comes close to it when Haruhi Kyouya and Haruhi had been secretly dating for a period of time now. When Kyoya and Haruhi start secretly dating, some complications arise. Like Tamaki finding out. Or Kyoya's father arranging a marriage with.

Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Now under the circumstances I can understand why someone in your position would do that, but not you!

Haruhi is asking more questions than before and is determined to find out, so what are you going to do? Fuyumi sat across Kyoya at the coffee table.

I called Ranka and he told me that Haruhi had hit her head and was at the hospital so all the host club went together. Currently, she is suffering from amnesia, the doctor said she needs to ask questions and we should try and help her remember as much as possible but we mustn't put pressure on her so I cannot tell her about us.

Kyoya's head snapped up to the eyes of his father and two older brothers. Kyoya's mouth fell open; he must be slipping with his ice wall. Kyoya shook his head for a second before speaking.

The rest of the club was dumbfounded. After a couple of seconds Kyoya decided he wasn't going to escape this question. My father doesn't mind that I had chosen Haruhi, he is angry because I had not told him. He has said if Haruhi gets her memory back I am to break up with her or he will ignore my existence much like he has done to my sister and I will never inherit the company.

I cannot be certain me and Haruhi were going to go the distance so I risk everything if I ignore my father but I can't bear to say goodbye to Haruhi forever.

Haruhi is a relationship with Kyouya, Kyouya is in a relationship with It's a secret relationship, that is full of heartache, love and fun times. .. "Kyouya and Takashi are dating as well," she spoke, rubbing her neck and smiling. Kyouya & Haruhi had been together since the Ouran Fair. They got into this crazy secret relationship after the Ouran Fair, almost a year ago. Kyoya and Haruhi have been dating in secret since the beach house. Now after the Ouran Fair the two face a new problem as keeping their.

Ranka had been right Haruhi had remembered almost everything about her previous school and her childhood; she now remembered Kaoru from Hikaru; the problem was she hadn't remembered anywhere near as much the last two days.

Kyoya hadn't spoken to his father again, although it was rare that he did anyway, and the Host club was out of ideas. Her diary is empty of anything that happened in the last four months except small details we gave her. A little distressed she had gone home straight after the club. The twins turned together and whispered a bit then Hikaru spoke again. You don't have to say but we have a bit of a theory and it would help if we knew the details.

A few minutes later Kyoya had finished and the room fell silent again. Everyone understood now the room suddenly filled with noise as everyone agreed and cheered at their breakthrough; everyone except Kyoya, when they all turned to look at him he hadn't moved an inch, he wasn't even breathing.

Kyoya spent Saturday with the host club minus Haruhi, they were all trying to convince him to ask her out again but the thing that finally made him agree was a call from Ranka. Kyoya agreed he should tell Haruhi that it was normal for people to remember things in phases and she would be fine soon.

Kyoya then spent Sunday preparing and checking with her doctor that it would be alright for him to do it. The host club was mostly normal, Haruhi was still clearly struggling, she had a little more understanding but it was obvious she didn't truly understand and was way in the deep end but she got by and some of the costumers even thought it was nice to see her trying so hard but still being so defenceless.

Kyoya checked the clock again it seemed time was speeding up just to mock him. Finally Tamaki called for everyone to leave and the ladies were soon followed by Mori and Hunny, they were helping out at the dojo.

Tamaki was next, his grandmother was coming and his dad didn't want him to be late. The four sat quietly in the music room and Haruhi was quickly learning the stuff that she had missed or forgotten. The twins deliberately chose to do maths last because they could leave Haruhi with some questions to do and go home.

That's right, isn't it Kyoya? The twins left quickly before Haruhi could argue. Deciding it would look odd for her to leave she sat down and worked on her questions as fast as she could. Trying to figure them out she put her head in her hands. What were those? A dream? A memory?

What do they mean? She was suddenly called back to the real world by Kyoya's voice. He was standing up and walking over to her. They didn't move for over five minutes, Kyoya was about to try his next line until a flash of lighting struck, Haruhi didn't even flinch. She tried to ask him what the matter was but the words jammed in her throat.

Haruhi on the other hand started feeling angry, he was laughing at her but she hadn't done anything funny. It was just like her, it was the first time she sounded completely like herself. It can't be that hard. Kyoya looked into her now angry doe eyes, before he knew what he was doing he moved in and kissed her, her lips were warm and familiar.

Haruhi suddenly came round to what was happening and pushed him away. I will pick you up at six. He waited a couple of minutes before leaning in to kiss her again, to wake her up again; she came back to reality with a start.

She took two steps away from Kyoya before he could kiss her again raised a hand in front of herself. What am I going to do? I had a crush on him, do I still? How should I avoid him? Do I want to go? Should I go? I don't see any harm except you don't know what happened in the last four months so I might have a boyfriend. Ok, I will go. But I need to work out what I forgotten, I don't have time for that. Haruhi had been arguing with herself all night and morning.

She was so tied up she didn't notice when she walked through the gates Kyoya wrapped an arm around her waist and walked with her, not until he spoke. He examined her face before changing his mind. Haruhi thought for a minute. Haruhi sat back on a sofa, what? It took over an hour for Haruhi to run out of questions but she only remembered a few short clips. Kyoya looked into her eyes before realizing she couldn't remember. Haruhi looked into Kyoya's eyes and saw the raw emotions, hurt, distress, sadness and was that heartbreak?

Neither spoke as Kyoya got up and left the room, Haruhi sat there thinking for the next few hours.

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