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Everyone Hailey Baldwin Dated BEFORE Justin Bieber!

Come on the journey of their relationship — from the green room at the Today show where they first met to their engagement in the Bahamas. October Justin Bieber, then a wholesome teen heart-throb, meets Baldwin backstage at the Today show. She plays the part of the embarrassed teen and greets Bieber with her arms crossed. November 9, At this time, relationship rumors are swirling around Kendall Jenner and Bieber. This is right after his breakup with Selena Gomez, and while the two are writing songs about each other. December 8, The first denial. Baldwin tells E!

Hailey accompanied the caption with an adorable pic of Justin, who was rocking one of his tee shirts from his new clothing line. Honestly, it's a great pic of the singer, and though I'm not married to him, I fell in love with him a little more after seeing it too.

After months of living in a hotel, the Biebers have officially moved into their new home in Beverly Hills. They worked with a designer to furnish the house. Hailey shared a pic of some of their new decoration on her Instagram story, showing off a neon side in the couple's bedroom that reads, "love for eternity. Meanwhile, Justin is still receiving treatments and focusing on his mental health. He has been sharing this journey with his fans more and more recently, and it seems to be helping the process.

Hailey and Justin seem to be living it up together, enjoying a few days off in the sun, and even sharing some moments from their time together. Recently, Hailey took to Instagram live to chat with her fans, though, when she was discussing her latest collab with Roxy, she kept getting distracted by kisses from her husband. At first, Justin plays the role of supportive husband, showing his support as Hailey discusses her newest project, but then he starts kissing her all over and it's the cutest thing.

Hailey and Justin have been giving us more and more peeks into their personal life together, showing off their date nights and their private moments on Instagram a lot lately, and I, for one, cannot get enough of all of this Jailey content. Justin and Hailey are hard at work putting rumors that the two are struggling to rest. They've been taking to Instagram stories a lot recently, welcoming fans into their daily married lives, and honestly, the two seem like they're having a great time together.

First, Justin adorably caught Hailey blowdrying her hair while expertly rapping Cardi B, but she didn't seem to mind when she found out she was being filmed. Later, Hailey showed off the couples' date night plans, which involved pizza and wine, aka a fantastic way to end an evening.

Hailey's intake of wine, as well as a recent pap shot showing off her toned stomach proves that she is prob not pregnant despite recent rumors. That being said, the pair have said they want to be young parents so it could be happening soon! Justin couldn't help but share a lot of love for his wifey as he posted some new photos of her on his Instagram.

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin's Dating Timeline: All The BEST Moments

While it seemed all was good with Justin, he went OFF on a fan who kept commenting on his Instagram posts about his relationship with Hailey. Hopefully this serves as a reminder to fans that if you try to come after Justin and Hailey, he won't be afraid to go after you too.

Justin may be becoming a father!!!

OK, so Hailey isn't exactly showing signs of pregnancybut Justin just made a very revealing comment on his Instagram in a post regarding his mental health struggle and his decision to take a break from music until he is feeling better mentally. He wants to "be the father I want to be. So, does that mean that Hailey and Justin are gearing up to start a fam? Honestly, it would explain the whole whirlwind wedding situation and their constant issues since the wedding pre-baby stress is real.

But like, why else would he mention wanting to be a good father if it wasn't on his mind?? Hailey Bieber has finally spoken out amid the multiple reports that Justin and Hailey are having trust issues and that their marriage is struggling big time.

Previously, Justin Bieber admitted to fans on Instagram that he has, personally, "been struggling a lot " and while many assumed this had to do with his quick marriage to Hailey, their lack of a prenup, and their very public quarrelsHailey is setting the record straight.

They've been the speculation of 'are they, aren't they' rumours for years and now they're officially engaged. So check out our timeline of exactly how Justin and. In early July, TMZ reported that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got engaged. Luckily, fans didn't have to wait too long for Bieber to confirm the news via an. They did it: Jailey tied the knot. Just two months after their whirlwind engagement, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have signed the paperwork.

While Hailey didn't explicitly say that this was about all the news surrounding her marriage, we can assume that's what she was referring to, especially since there's a new report about their struggling marriage like, every day. Well, there you have it. Hailey is calling fakenews on the marriage issues. So, I guess until further notice we should assume everything is a-okay at casa Bieber. Her name might be Hailey Bieber now, but that doesn't make her any less of a Baldwin.

Hailey recently opened up to Bustle about how she decided to change her last name to Bieber. I remember when I was going to change it, I asked my dad if he was going to be upset and he was like, 'No! I don't care.

We love you. All good, everyone still knows you're a Baldwin. Seven months after Justin Bieber got down on one knee, we finally have clarity on how the singer popped the question!

Justin and hailey dating timeline - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man. This timeline of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber's relationship includes how they met, when they first started dating, and who else they have. Here, a comprehensive timeline of their rocky relationship. A Very Comprehensive 9-Year Timeline of Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin's.

In "73 Questions with Hailey Bieber," Vogue got the real deets on the engagement that we've been waiting to hear. The model also clarified that Justin asked Hailey's dad for permission before asking for her hand in marriage.

How traditional?! In the interview, Hailey also admitted that she hasn't been spending that much time wedding planning, though she does have a dress picked out and it's "an off-white color. Sorry, no, not serious, in the studio singingbut he is serenading Hailey, which is also pretty adorable. Justin grabs the stranger's hand, and then pauses his performance so the two of them can take a picture. But it isn't long until Justin is belting out some notes again. Unfortunately, Hailey doesn't seem to into the whole exchange, as she continues to wander away while Justin puts on his show.

You can check out the whole performance on TMZ. Hailey Baldwin Bieber is on the cover of Vogue Arabia and she's opening up about the future of her relationship with Justin, including kids. Hailey revealed that they don't have plans to have children "anytime soon. With her crazy schedule and their recent marriage, it's not the surprising to hear that Hailey and Justin want to take some time for themselves before they officially take that next step.

She also said that she's taken extra steps to keep herself grounded after these past couple of months. Despite spending less time on her Instagram and Twitter, she can't stop posting photos of her and her husband together. The newlyweds were spotted at a Toronto Maple Leafs game wearing matching hockey jerseys that say "Mr. Bieber" and "Mrs. Bieber," Cosmopolitan. This is not a drill!

A Comprehensive Timeline Of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s Relationship

Hailey just changed her name on Instagram to Hailey Bieber, confirming she took his last name when they got married. Hailey previously wore a Bieber jacket to a Levy's event earlier in the week. Justin previously called Hailey his wife in an Instagram post, so it's not too surprising to see her finally go through the name change online. In addition to the two steamy pics they both posted, Justin also shared this adorable paparazzi shot with the caption, "My wife is awesome.

In a much less pure act of admiration, later, when Hailey posted a model shot of herself in a winter coat, Justin was quick to let her know how the post made him feel.

All of this public affection comes amid reports that Justin feels "unsettled" in his marriage. While Justin is struggling to find meaning in his life and marriage, Hailey is living her best life and truly embracing her new name. At a Levi's event, Hailey was seen rocking a jean jacket with "Bieber" written on the back. She also has no time for drama.

After following a Selena fan account, houseofselHailey quickly unfollowed the account, but not before the owner caught wind of her fleeting fan. Later, Hailey reached out to houseofsel, saying she followed the account by accident.

Hm, likely story. What do you think? Did Hailey really follow houseofsel by accident, or was she just trying to keep tabs on her husband's ex and got caught? She wanted to keep tabs on Selena. Hailey isn't the only one showing love to her bae on Instagram. Justin just posted another photo of the two of them together. In the first photo, Justin called Hailey his "little bean" as they cuddle on the same boat seen in Hailey's photos.

In the second photo, Hailey and Justin share a sweet kiss together and he calls her, "hunny buns punkin. Justin and Hailey might be enjoying some time together in London, but Hailey is clearly remembering when they were in warm and sunny weather with a new set of steamy photos that she posted on her Instagram.

The photos features the couple cuddling with one another while out on a boat. Here's hoping they continue to post more adorable photos of them together, because we can't get enough of them.

While most celeb couples spent Halloween dressing up in a fun couples costumeposting pics on the 'gram, and attending celebrity-studded parties, Hailey and Justin had a very different kind of night. Instead of celebrating the holiday, the couple engaged in what seems to be their very favorite past time The two were spotted heading to services in L. Later, when leaving church, the two didn't seem any happier.

If anything, they looked even more grim. It's too bad the pair didn't dress up for Halloween, we're sure they would have had the best couples costume.

But hey, there's always next year! Celebs get thirsty too. Justin Bieber proved this when he hopped on Instagram to share his excitement over Hailey Baldwin's newest gig It's official, Justin and Hailey have finally confirmed that they tied the knot after weeks of speculation. The couple confirmed it to a fan while out at lunch. She was one of the fans who saw them on their lunch date on October 16th. They were super sweet! Considering the fact that they were previously calling each other husband and wife, we're not too surprised to hear them officially confirm their marriage.

With recent news over Justin's concern for his ex-girlfriendSelena Gomez, it's nice to hear that this couple is still going strong. It looks like Justin and Hailey actually took the next step and got married or, at least, it seems like they did, according to their recent trip together.

Rumors of the two of the tying the knot have been circulating for a while now, but it looks like it's finally official and that the two have been calling each other husband and wife now. Congrats to the happy couple! Hopefully we'll see photos of their big wedding ceremony soon. They're back! There's a good chance that the couple might be in town for some big wedding planning. Justin recently bought a house in Ontario, according to TMZ.

Justin would like to move back to Canada with Hailey so there's a good chance that a wedding can be taking place there. Whether it's this weekend or sometime next year is still not clear, but we definitely can't wait for these two to finally say "I do.

Everyone say "ciao," because our favorite lovebirds are now in Italy and they are certainly heating things up. Justin and Hailey were spotted on a yacht in Italy and they couldn't keep their hands off each other. According to Page Sixthe two of them were in town for Milan Fashion Week and they clearly had a good time together. They have been staying pretty quiet during their international getaway, but we're sure they're busy planning their big day that might be coming up sooner than we think.

The two lovebirds can't stop traveling and earlier this week, they made their way to London where they were spotted taking in the sights.

A Very Comprehensive 9-Year Timeline of Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin's Relationship

Hailey even shared a cute photo of the two of them in the London Eye, but later on took it down. She put the date as September 18, the same day that Justin serenaded Hailey while she was there for London Fashion Week. While Hailey hasn't given any reason as to why she took down the photo, it doesn't seem like there is any trouble between the couple as her and Justin were spotted in Switzerland together on September As the two of them travel the world together, Hailey's cousin Ireland couldn't stop gushing about the couple and revealed that she's not surprised that the two of them are ready for the next step in their relationship.

While she didn't confirm or deny the recent conflicting reports that the couple have already tied the knot, she did say that they're just having a great time together. Just let them kiss! Hailey and Justin seem unbothered by the onslaught of marriage rumors. The two are enjoying their time in London together, while Hailey attends various events for London Fashion Week.

Despite being there for work, the couple did take some time to explore the city. They hopped on the London Eye and strolled around to do some sightseeing. Like any proud girlfriend would, Hailey was standing back recording the whole performance on her phone, though it doesn't seem like she's posted any pics or video of the performance on social media. They totally are. So, no one is sure whether or not Hailey and Justin got married on September The pair was spotted at a New York City courthouse and sources are saying the two were legally wed, but the next day, Hailey combatted the rumors by tweeting out, "I understand where the speculation is coming from, but I'm not married yet!

Us Weekly is still reporting they got married, but since it wasn't in front of a priest, Hailey isn't counting it.

According to a source, "They got legally married, but she believes marriage between God is the real thing. Even though Hailey may not be calling herself Mrs. Bieber just yet, it seems like the pair probably is legally husband and wife! A prenup is short for a prenuptial agreement.

It establishes rights to property in the event of a divorce. Meaning, if Justin and Hailey don't make it, they will walk away with all the money, homes, etc. Since there still hasn't been official confirmation if they've gotten married yet or not, they still have time.

According to TMZthe idea is still on the table and the two of them have even hired lawyers in preparation. Unsurprisingly, the topic of the young couple's engagement came up and Jimmy asked Kendall her thoughts on it. Aw, it's nice to have the blessing of a close friend! We can't wait to see Kendall and the rest of Hailey's model friends get down at the wedding, whenever that may be.

September 4, Hailey's engagement ring just made its runway debut and it was super hard to miss. During the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show in Shanghai, Hailey walked down the runway in their latest collection while showing off the ring.

Still, we're sure everything is fine between them especially after Hailey's sweet Instagram post that hinted about their engagement. August 8, Justin and Hailey have had an interesting couple of days together, including one very emotional day where they were both seen crying in different parts of NYC.

Of course, we all started to wonder if everything was really okay with this couple and it looks like we finally have an answer. While walking out of Hailey's apartment, Justin greeted fans and talked with paparazzi who were waiting for him, according to TMZ.

Listen, we've all cried over books before, but it seems like there might be something missing here. It looks like things are just fine between Justin and Hailey, especially since the next day they were spotted together as Justin got his hair cut.

August 5, Hailey isn't afraid to tell the world how much she loves her beau, especially on Instagram. Hillsong Pastor Nathan Finochino posted a picture of him and Justin Bieber at the Hillsong conference that took place last week.

While Justin can only be slightly seen, Hailey made a joke out of it and commented, "Idk who the boy on the right is but he looks FINE from the back. July 20, Justin was out by himself in Beverly Hills when some paparazzi tried to ask him questions about the upcoming wedding. Justin said there isn't a guest list and that they still don't know where it will be held, although, it seems like he doesn't want to share any information about the big day. The paparazzi later asked him to address the rumors about Hailey being pregnant and he was not having it.

You just seem too like, you just seem too normal to be doing this job," Justin said. Glad to see Justin standing up for his girl and not trying to start a fight with someone who clearly wants a reaction from him. July 18, The couple just can't get enough of each other and decided to travel to Seattle, Washington together!

They were spotted by a couple of fans in the area and even stopped to take photos with them.

No word on what they were doing at both locations, but maybe it has to do with their future wedding. At least, we certainly hope so! The couple seem to really be enjoying each other's company, especially in Justin's latest Instagram that features him and Hailey making out in a pool.

According to TMZthe couple traveled 74 miles on helicopter for the big trip. After their recent car trouble, it's not surprising to see Justin splurge a little to make sure the meeting goes according to plan.

Hailey and justin dating timeline

The two also made a quick stop at a grocery store where they posed for photos with some lucky fans. And as the newly engaged couple enters the city limits, it seems like one person opts to GTFO. Selena Gomez, who was chilling on a boat when the Jailey engagement news broke, leaves the Big Apple just in time. A fan spotted her in the town of Fleischmann, New York a few hours upstate where she might be shooting a comic zombie movieT he Dead Don't Die. Did she peace out to avoid potentially running into Biebs around town?

Who knows. During this period of no contact, Justin Bieber was on-again-off-again with Selena Gomez; Jelena ended their most recent relationship attempt in March Reunited as friends June 10, haileybaldwin justinbieber haileybaldwin justinbieber. Hailey and Justin in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. June 16, haileybaldwin justinbieber haileybaldwin justinbieber jailey. Annnnnnd we have a couple: After publicly rekindling their friendship in May, fans photograph Baldwin and Bieber kissing in Brooklyn, NY.

While both parties said they attended as friends, Baldwin deleted all traces of Mendes from her Instagram feed after going public with Justin Bieber. Hailey and Justin out in New York City. July 1, haileybaldwin justinbieber haileybaldwin justinbieber jailey.

The two have been spotted locking lips in Washington Stateall over New York Cityand most recently in the Hamptons, where they experienced some car trouble on the road. Ah, happily ever after, I'm sure. Does it seem fast? Or if you managed to read until this last slide, maybe you saw it coming. Either way, it's real: Bieber proposed to Baldwin and put a giant ring on it. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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February Another Dad Intro. September 23, Hailey Ships Jelena. August Friends With the Same Jenners.

Here'a complete timeline of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's relationship so far , which includes their Miami getaway, their engagement. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's relationship sure feels like it's been a whirlwind—both in how quickly they went from "back together" to.

November 10, Take Me to Church. December 8, Deny, Deny, Deny. December 15, A Very Bieber Denial. December 27, Maintain the Lie. January 1, New Year, New Couple? January 23, Cheeky.

April 23, Aw Honey, You Baked. Bauer-Griffin Getty Images. July 9, Matching Tats. September Too Much Drama. C Flanigan Getty Images. Dave Kotinsky Getty Images. November 23, A Serenade for Selena. December Borrowed From the Biebs.

December 29, Couple's Vacation? January 3, Insta Official, Round 1. February It's Casual, OK? Shareif Ziyadat Getty Images. August Onto the Next. Jun Sato Getty Images. August April Another Jelena Break. Matt Winkelmeyer Getty Images.

May 27, Friends Again. JMA Getty Images. June 11, Cuddly at Church June 13, New York State of June 16, It's Official

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