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Charlotte O'Sullivan & Nicolas Jelmoni - Hand to Hand Circus Cabaret Swing Act

Published on June 5th, by admin. How did you guys meet? We met at the National Circus School in Montreal. What drew you both to the circus arts? We both have a gymnastics background but were both not that great at it. We always loved performing and being on stage which is what probably draw us to circus. How did you become involve with Limbo?

By theory one human hair can hold up to grams per strand so with all my hair combined and tied in a very specific way I could even possibly hold from kg — kg. Nicolas, you and Charlotte do an amazing acrobatic number where you hold her and spin her, how do you train for something like this?

We went to circus school to learn most of our technical background.

We try to train as often as possible also to keep our level and sometimes to create new routines and tricks. We really tried to challenge ourselves by creating a new act in water.

Charlotte O'Sullivan & Nicolas Jelmoni - Hand to Hand Circus Cabaret Swing Act

It was really hard and tricky performing on such a slippery surface but we thought it was worth the risk. Surprisingly they all had nothing but good things to say and next thing we know we were covered in golden confettis and sent straight to the finals!!

We have obviously fell already a few times over the years but knock on wood nothing bad ever happened. So what is the best part of performing? We would both agree that it would be connecting with the audience and hopefully sometimes inspiring people and getting to travel the world.

Is there a worst? It does sometime get hard being so far from our family and loved ones because of constantly being on the road. Monagasque Nicolas Jelmoni started life as a gymnast and diver but having attended the annual Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival in the principality, always had his eye on circus. While in Winterthur, Switzerland — where he and Charlotte are performing at a dinner show — Nicolas chats to Adrian Arratoon.

The Widow Stanton: You were born and grew up in Monaco. So are you one of the normal people from Monte Carlo or are you some sort of Yugoslavian prince or something? Nicolas Jelmoni: Ha ha ha, just a normal French guy from Monaco.

Followers, 12 Following, 60 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Charlotte & Nicolas (@charlotteandnicolas). Charlotte & Nicolas. 10K likes. Professional circus artists, National Circus School promo Pippin(7Fingers), Cirkopolis(Cirque Eloize), Grease(Juste. Gate Street Barn wedding photography - Charlotte + Nicolas's autumn wedding in Surrey with Gate Street Barn wedding photographer Guy Collier Photography.

What level were you at? At gymnastics I honestly was not really good, actually pretty bad. But with diving I went all the way to the French national championships and stuff like that. That was a lot of fun. I did that from 15 to 17, just for three years, but I learned pretty fast thanks to my gymnastics experience.

I kept on doing gymnastics at the same time, which helped. How did you get interested in circus? I think, for sure, going to the Monte Carlo circus festival every year was an inspiration, and I always wanted to perform, so circus was kind of like a good way of being on stage, dancing, acting, and staying physical.

Charlotte and nicolas dating

That was the big question: should I go to San Francisco or stay in France? I looked on it as an adventure. It all went well but my goal was Montreal.

Why was Montreal such a goal? I loved it there and felt like I belonged.

Charlotte O'Sullivan and Nicolas Jelmoni are an upcoming duo that met and trained at the prestigious National Circus School in Montreal to create a unique and. Performing together what is the most challenging aspect? Nicolas, you and Charlotte do an amazing acrobatic number where you hold her. Nicolas Jelmoni, acrobat Monagasque Nicolas Jelmoni started life as a Yes, but I went there with a girl from San Francisco and Charlotte was put together with.

The quality of the artists who come out of Montreal is fantastic but what makes it such a good place to study? The whole facilities, the teachers, everything. We all have the same… mental state. It was different in San Francisco where I felt I was the only one who was trying to push and to get a lot better.

But in Montreal we all had the same goal of being amazing and making a career out of this. Is it a supportive environment or a competitive one? Then we realised we were all so different, and also things happen and we ended up just being two duos when we graduated. Did you meet Charlotte at Montreal?

Charlotte O’Sullivan & Nicolas Jelmoni Interview (Spiegeltent Limbo)

Yes, but I went there with a girl from San Francisco and Charlotte was put together with a guy from Spain in the first year so we were separate. Both the partnerships split up for different reasons and we both ended up with no partner.

Welcome on our main page, we are a circus hand to hand duo that graduated from the prestigious National Circus School in Montreal.

So we tried working together and it was pretty fast. After a few days I knew it was going to work.

What makes her such a good partner? With my previous partner it was more like business and training; we got along but that was it.

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